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A lot of mineral specimens with a very reasonable price

May 30

A new big update with more than 70 new specimens.
In this update main attention to Italy, Alps, Morocco and Fluorites ....and a lot of specimens from  the world


Fluorescent Light
A site dedicated to fluorescent minerals and rocks

December 11

A new update in this section with more of  20 specimens of minerals and rocks that light under long wave and short wave light



(to complete the information on this section consider that the photos that you see for  each lot are only rapresentative of the specimens of the lot: but we assure you the same quality for the available material)

Lovely Rocks
A large selection of rocks unique common characteristic: Aesthetically Pleasing!!

August 23

A lot of specimens with a unique common characteristic: Aesthetically Pleasing!! Here you can find nice Cubic Pyrite from Spain, colored Agate slices, showy things from India, Black Quartz and Orthoclase from China, Fluorites and Creedites from Mexico …and much more!




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